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      Our move date to Texas is next week, and I am still operating out of a motel room. We will be completely off-line from June 17 thru June 22. It is possible we will be up and running before then. I have contracted with a company to provide business grade 1GB Internet to the house (fiber) and it should be set up by the time I arrive to hook up the computers. Midgard is a cloud based application and I have backups.

      Currently running the first of three programs for the conversions, this one handles all of the Clan stockpiles, which turned out to be the most difficult one to write. Next up will be City Markets and Warehouses. The last program fixes all of the Units.

      Once these complete, I will be modifying the reports (again) for Clans and Cities. Changes will include the new commodity items in both stockpiles and markets, moving rations to stockpiles, and elimination of warehouses (which are now part of the City Market).

      These turns should be sent out before we go dark on the 17th. I will let you know when the web site will allow you to input your actions and we should have our first turn starting around the end of June.

      We have a new email address – I will be phasing out the old GMail account.

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      are we back up 🙂 ?

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        Yes we are. We are now in Texas, and still unpacking.

        I obviously missed my date on the 17th for first turns; my conversions are still in process. While the CLAN conversions ran well, the CITY Markets (in Stock, on Market and Warehouses) seems to be having some issues. The UNIT conversions to the new weapons types went fairly well with some exceptions, and I will be tracking those down.

        I made a small change to the rulebook, I added a 29th row for the Antarctic.

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