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      Changes to Cycle to support Midgard / Knightguild are almost completed.
      Some changes:
      1. Weather; adjustment for latitude (Arctic, N Tropic, Equator, S Tropic, Antarctic)
      2. City Operations: You still assign men the same way to the city work force, but now the action will allow you to allocate a percentage of men to the operation. This is only valid for multiple operations – i.e. you have two mines, one for gold, the other for metals – you could put 90% to gold, and 10% to metals from the total miners headcount.
      3. Construction: rework of City Buildings – consolidating all buildings to one entity – includes City buildings, Organizational buildings and specialty buildings.
      4. Transactions Entity: rework to facilitate capturing data on market transactions, etc. – used for Senior reports.
      5. Markets: Adding restricted market back; also moving provisions to the market. Market “In Stock” is the city stockpile; “On Market” are items for sale.
      6. Shipyards: new area on the City report showing ships being built and for who.

      Currently in testing, should be able to finish this off sometime in the next week.

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      Conversions –
      1. Market Items – Several commodities are changing
      LI -> Padded Armor; Short Swords
      MI -> Leather Armor, Shield, Short Swords
      HI -> Chain Mail, Shield, Short Swords
      LM -> Padded Armor; Short Bow
      MM -> Padded Armor; Long Bow
      HM -> Leather Armor; Light Crossbow
      Livestock -> Cattle
      Lt Siege – removed
      Md Siege – removed
      Horses -> Horses, Riding
      Wagons -> Wagons, light
      — too many new items to list

      Metals -> Several types of ore, but Iron is still the primary ingredient for construction projects.

      Warehouse Items will be converted into their corresponding types; somewhat problematical for weapons – i.e. if you have 500 LI in the only warehouse you own, then where does the other 500 short swords wind up?

      Unit items will be converted as above.

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      On a more personal note –
      We are in the process of moving. I hope to be in Dallas by the first of June. However, we may still be stuck in a motel somewhere. So I may be slow in responding to email / forum messages.

      Once I finish with the changes to Cycle and the Conversions, I will push all turns back. At that point, you will be able to input actions via the web site.

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      If I am reading you correctly then, you will have either two or three items to store for armor/weapon type. If this is the case any chance of being able to build more warehouses?

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      Is the rulebook set in stone yet? I downloaded an early version, but I’m hesitant to read the new version if it’s going to be changed a lot.

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      No the rule book is not set in stone, I was just wondering if with the changes to the weapons that there would also be a change to the warehouse limit.

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        I am considering getting rid of warehouses and simply adding a column to the City Market report. This will be called “CL Stockpile” and only a City Leader will be able to use it. Actions will be modified to move commodities in/out of this area.

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      New rulebook posted. This is the last one prior to game start other than “Corrections”. We will be posting the rulebook in new “formats”, but the rules should be the same between the versions.

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