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      All City turns have been sent. It was the first full test of the entire backend system, and it passed with flying colors. Remember that these are test positions; you are welcome to keep them when we go live. If you wish to change your City position, please let me know.

      The next full test will be with both City and Clan positions. So get your changes / corrections in as soon as you can. When we finish this round of edits, I will run Cycle – which basically sets all positions to the beginning of Cycle 1 and they will then be ready for input.

      When that happens, I will open up the web site for “Input Actions” and “Special Actions” to see how input goes. Once we have turns for everyone, I will then run Process – and you should then receive your first turn (providing you input actions).

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      Thanks Jon, sorry didn’t see this posting till now. I think new posts (with only a single post) wont come up in the Recent Replies listing at the side.

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      Problem with City Markets –
      This was my mistake. I had been adjusting turns to reflect the weights and unit of measure – so if you had 4000 Grain on your market, they are now in 100 40lb bags. What I did not do was adjust the price thinking that this would correct itself when I processed the first cycle. Since we are going to process the first turn and then run cycle, your first turn sheets will not show the correct prices on the market.
      I will write a program to adjust city markets and quantities prior to running the first City turn.

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      Interesting side note: a Midgard sector is 30 miles square.
      * It takes 1 acre per horse to feed them (assuming good grass). So a sector can support 19,200 horses without additional food.
      * Cattle take 2 acres per Cow / Calf pair, so you can support 19,200 cows as well.
      * One cow produces 80 pounds of manure per day, over 20 tons per year.
      * Assuming 500 house holds per acre, a sector can house 9,600,000 people

      A city I was looking at had over 30,000 animals on the market and 40,000 people.
      So, 1,260,000 tons of manure from the cows / horses alone! 1,680,000 from people!
      Ranches do not need waste recycling centers because they recycle into the land.

      So, just to be clear, livestock is kept on the ranches and a small number are brought to market. So – what about repurposing the tunnels in Midgard to sewers???

      Now you know where my mind goes when I am working late on code!

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        I fear the Sanitation Engineer Faction <VBG>

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