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      I noticed that there where no Mercenary factions on the list, are there any plans to add them? I think both added much flavor to the game and gave some of the lesser military powers something to go to, if needed.


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      I would really like to have a Mercenary organization in the game. In this case, they would be hired by the various Kingdoms, usually. While organizations could still hire them, they would not control Cities. So the traditional Senior turn would be considerably different for them.

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        This sounds very interesting, so a faction that would not control cities but would fight for a price. I would suggest that their offices would greatly add to the defense of the city they are in, Whether it be better guards or additional, surveillance of issues, or bonuses to defensive structures in the city. After all they would be protecting their only real structure for the faction in the game and the only real money maker for the faction itself as the clans would be paid by other.

        I would then turn around and make some sort of minor drawback to the city to keep everyone that controls a city from putting lots of them in their city. Like a minor decrease in Crisis Index or a limit in the max CI in the city based on the number of mercenary offices compared to the Population. Possibly a slight decrease in City income each turn based on those offices as the city has to pay for them and their services. Example of CI loss/limitation: Lets say city of 10k you can have 1 merc office per 1k, so once you hit 10 you get a .05 loss to CI max, you hit 20 offices it would be .1 and so on. This represent the uneasy feeling citizens would have with so many mercenaries being present.

        This would make building these offices a boon but at some point a hindrance, so cities would have to take into account of how to balance things for their city. What works for one may not work for others. So they can be a benefit and a curse pending on how things go, making for its own drama.

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          The other thing you can do is if the number of Merc Offices are great enough that one of them might be willing to sell secrets about the city so a spy action on the city would have a better chance at success. I could see this very much being the case with the SOA and not as likely with MV types.

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        When I first started playing Midgard I was in the MercVerk. I think that was when Time Space Simulations ran the game. There were two player created booklets, The Code and The Book. One covered the MercVerk code of honor and the other MercVerk tactics and fighting styles. I think I may still have them in long term storage.

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          Wow, That would be great if you could come up with those. That was one thing that drew me into the MV early on in playing Midgard. Keep us updated.

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      That makes perfect sense to me, Merc’s controlling cities never made much sense to me in the first place. To me it took away some of the neutrality and caused them to push for objectives that really took them away from providing a Mercenary service.

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        Those are excellent idea’s. I think this could add a lot of spice to the game.

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      I would have both MERCs retain the ability to train any clan’s troops still, and I like the idea about the negative to having to many of either office within a city too. I would think their skill sets should be slightly different as well to fit their factional characters. Both have their Pros and Cons, and I would think they would want to spread across the world and be in every city regardless which Kingdom. The two Merc factions would have a strong rivalry with one another, and yes they would fight against each other. I also agree that they shouldn’t have declared cities, or if they do end with one they sell it off to another faction for a real nice price.

      MV – Nobel Merc’s with Honor
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      SOA – Dirty Deeds done dirt cheap

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      My two cents.

      If you are talking about mercenaries as a thousand different groups/battalions/regiments with no allegiance to a higher organisation, then yes, it is illogical for mercenaries to run cities.

      But if you are talking, as you seem to be, about having one or two organisations of mercenaries controlling tens of thousands of troops, then of course they need cities. For one primary reason.


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